The first Vietnamese sustainable textile company – Greenyarn

Our journey in sustainable fashion first started in 2011 with a strong belief that human and nature should coexist in harmony. With 10 years of experience in the textiles industry, Greenyarn – a division of Bao Lan Textiles has been one of the leading suppliers specializing in sustainable textiles for the Vietnamese market.

Greenyarn is proud to be the first Vietnamese sustainable textiles company. For many years, we have been sourcing eco-friendly yarns, offering more sustainable materials to the market. Our top choices include natural yarns and recycled yarns (yarns that are made from post-consumer materials like plastics). We also take into consideration the production process of the yarns, in order to help reduce the carbon footprints on our planet. With the help of modern technology, there are more and more eco-friendly processes that can be put into practice and contribute to the sustainable movement. Our mission is to be a reliable supplier that brings sustainable textiles to the Vietnamese market, making them easier to access. From then, we hope that local businesses can join us on this journey in protecting our people’s health, as well as our planet.

Our Story & Milestones


greenyarn founder

Greenyarn was founded by Dave Quách – whose family has been in the textiles industry since the 80s. Mr. Quach was born and raised in Chợ Lớn (Saigon’s China town), which has been known as Saigon’s largest fabric market. Growing up witnessing all the ups and downs in business that his parents had gone through, Mr Quach decided to follow their career and make it even more unique and sustainable. With the love for nature, especially when Quach had spent years studying and working in New Zealand (known for its clean and green environment), Bảo Lân Textiles was established with a new ambition for the Vietnamese textiles industry.

Mr. Quach’s ambition was to create a business that can contribute to the local textiles industry, while still being able to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. His choice was definitely not easy compared to his parents’ traditional textiles business. However, with a love for nature and a strong belief in the future of a sustainable society, Dave decided to create his own career path.

Bảo Lân Textiles was the first sustainable textiles company with 100% Vietnam capital. In the beginning, the company had a lot of difficulties in manufacturing “green” yarns because the demand was low, while the manufacturing costs were rather high. In 2012, Bảo Lân Textiles was re-established as Greenyarn – a business that mainly focused on sourcing eco-friendly yarns for the Vietnamese market.

10 years in the industry, Bảo Lân Textiles has never stopped researching and offering new eco-friendly yarns, as well as eco-fabrics (W.ELL Fabric). For Greenyarn, we proudly present 5 main collections for the conscious consumer including Cellulose yarn, Organic yarn, Recycled yarn, Fancy yarn and Special yarn.





Our Vision

We believe that sustainability is the future, and sustainable fashion is one of the key factors that help make this promising future comes true. That being the reason, Greenyarn wants to become a leading company in this journey. We want to make fashion sustainability no more a luxury, starting with providing sustainable materials, making them easier to access at affordable prices.


Our Mission

Greenyarn’s mission is to become a reliable partner that can support and accompany Vietnamese textile companies in their journey of sustainable fashion. We hope to be able to work with partners to promote Vietnam’s textile and fashion industry to be more sustainable.


Business Philosophy

Our philosophy in business is mainly about maintaining the balance between humans and nature. Starting with providing more sustainable choices, we aim for a change in the mindset of local fashion businesses and the consumer.

We understand that education is essential, and we have been trying our best to do so. We have hosted many workshops and events about fashion sustainability in order to provide a better understanding of such matters to the public.

At the end of 2020, Greenyarn successfully organized an event called “FASHION rob MY FUTURE“, in which we discussed the future of fashion sustainability with local fashion professionals. This was also a good opportunity for us to raise a fund for Gaia Nature Conservation to help the forest plantation in Cà Mau. Moreover, we were happy to have other sustainable fashion brands joining us in this event, such as Kilomet 109, Coco Dressing Room, Dòng Dòng, Ecolotus, Nệm Thế Linh, Cường Thuận Phát Textile Co., Nafi suit, The NNF, etc.

Event Recap

Brand Value


Why choosing Greenyarn – Vietnam’s very first sustainable yarn supplier?

Greenyarn is Vietnam’s very first sustainable textile supplier with 100% Vietnam capital. With more than 10 years of experience, we understand the Vietnamese market and have always tried our best to contribute to the sustainable fashion movement in Vietnam.

Greenyarn provides a diversity of quality yarns with the most up-to-date technology to the Vietnamese market. Vietnamese consumers are more and more conscious of their health and about the environment. Using sustainable yarns for your business is a good factor that can influence the customers’ buying decisions.

Our yarns are from reliable and traceable sources, and often come with essential certifications. Up until now, some of our certifications include:

  • GOTsGlobal Organic Textile Standard: a global standard for organic fibers and their final products, including yarns, fabrics, clothes, etc. GOTs ensure organic standards of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling. 
  • GRS – Global recycled standard: an international standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled input and chain of custody. Such requirements include social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions.

Additionally, we also have UVYarntech tag – a tag for our UPF 50+ Bamboo yarn, which can resist up to 98% of UV rays. This high UV-resistant ability is certified by the Vietnam Textile Research Institute. This is our effort to help our partners and customers have more information about the products that we offer.

About MOQ, we have warehouses that can support partners in flexible quantities. 

With our help, you can place big orders of internationally qualified sustainable materials right in Vietnam.