Vải Tre Bamboo Pha Cotton - Sự Cân Bằng Hài Hòa Giữa Sợi Tre Và Sợi Cotton

Bamboo yarn and Cotton yarn are definitely not new in the textiles industry, especially to conscious suppliers and consumer. The softness and skin-friendliness of both Cotton and Bamboo have made them the popular choices among customers. Nowadays, with the development of technology, we are able to blend different fibers/ yarns in order to achieve the most outstanding characteristics of each type. That being said, when Bamboo is mixed with Cotton, how will the fabric turn out? What makes Greenyarn’s Bamboo Cotton fabric special? Let’s find out!


First of all, Bamboo Cotton fabric is not made by blending the Bamboo yarns and Cotton yarns together during the knitting or weaving process. The blending process happens in the Spinning process – Bamboo fibers and Cotton fibers are mixed together in an appropriate ratio, and then spun and carded to make Bamboo Cotton yarns. By blending the 2 types of fibers like this, the downsides of each fibers will be covered while still being able to maintain the good characteristics of each type:


The balance between moisture-wicking and breathability – Cotton is known for its breathability but its moisture-wicking ability is rather slow. However, Bamboo is extra moisture-wicking and can make it up to what Cotton lacks. The combination between the 2 creates a fabric that is well-balanced in both characteristics and gives extra comfortability to wearers, especially during outdoor activities.


UV protection and antibacterial – these are the most recognizable performances of Bamboo and when Bamboo is blended with Cotton, such advantages still remain. Bamboo fibers have the unique quality of being resistant to harmful UV rays, and they are also antimicrobial thanks to a special, natural component in the bamboo plant called ‘bamboo kun’.


Well-structured form – the Siro spinning technique used to make Bamboo Cotton creates a better structure for the fabric. This makes the fabric more durable and not fuzzing on the surface. 


Biodegradable – another key factor that makes Bamboo Cotton popular, especially among eco-conscious customers, is that they are biodegradable. Since both Bamboo and Cotton are cellulose-based, combining with the manufacturing process using less chemicals, Bamboo Cotton fabrics can be degraded into the ground after 1-5 years. This helps reduce the fashion wastes that go to the landfills.


With such outstanding characteristics, Bamboo Cotton fabric is used in a variety of products. Since it is non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin, it is also used for baby clothes. If you are looking for a fabric safe for children clothes, Bamboo Cotton is the perfect fit!


WELL Fabric – a sister company of Greenyarn provides large quantities of Bamboo Cotton fabric and many other sustainable fabrics for tailors, fashion designers, or small quantities to individual clients to help these sustainable materials be accessible to everyone, contributing to the development of sustainable fashion in Vietnam.


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