More Than Being Eco-friendly

The bamboo charcoal fabric takes care safely on baby skin. Bamboo charcoal is increasingly gaining lots of attractions in the latest fashion trends, typically the development of bamboo charcoal yarns. […]

Bamboo Charcoal Yarn

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Have you ever thought of one day you’ll be wearing a shirt made of the coffee grounds that you drink every morning? Research shows that there are 2,25 billion coffee […]

Coffee Yarn

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Cotton is the most common yarn in the textiles industry with a lot of advantages, and is used in a variety of products. At the higher segment of Cotton, there […]

Supima Cotton Yarn

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Bamboo Yarn with UV protection

What is Bamboo yarn? Bamboo is a great sustainable material because the process of growing bamboo trees does not require much water or agrochemicals like pesticides, fertilizers. The cellulose compound […]

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Bamboo Melange Yarn

Using sustainable materials such as sustainable yarns and fabrics has become a trend within the fashion and textiles industry. Consumers are now more environmental and health conscious. In order to […]

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Bamboo Cotton Yarn

Bamboo yarn is the regenerated yarn made from the cellulose extraction of bamboo plants, which is considered an environmentally friendly material according to advanced spinning technology. Although being relatively new […]

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AB Siro Yarn

Young consumers nowadays are more environmentally conscious and they are more likely to prefer colorful garments to express their personalities. In order to fulfill such needs, AB Siro yarn is […]

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