Drink Coffee, Wear Coffee


Have you ever thought of one day, we will be able to wear a shirt made from the coffee grounds we drink in the morning? With the development of technology, that is no more a dream. Coffee yarn is the new sustainable yarn bringing all the good properties of coffee into textiles, yet still being eco-friendly. 


With over 2,25 billion coffee cups are made and 9 million coffee grounds to be disposed every year, it is an excessive amount of waste that is going to the ground. Using coffee grounds to make yarns for fabric equals being more eco-friendly, since the coffee grounds are granted a new life cycle. Not to mention, the resource for this type of yarn is huge, because we obviously cannot quit drinking coffee, right? 


So, what is coffee yarn?


Coffee grounds after being cleaned and extracted the oil (the oil will be used in cosmetics), will be smashed and mixed with a polymer mixture to create coffee yarns. Singtex – a textile company known for the S.Cafe coffee yarn, especially use recycled plastic bottles to make coffee yarns. They also work with coffee chains like Starbucks and covennient stores like 7-Eleven in Taiwan in order to upcycle the coffee grounds from these stores. Approximately, to make a shirt out of coffee yarns, it would need 3 cups of coffee and 5 plastic bottles. Singtex has received a lot of certifications for the S.Cafe coffee yarn and their S.Cafe  patened process is recognilzed globally. This process is said to requires only 160°C to carbonize, which is a lot less energy-consuming comparing to the traditional process at 600°C.


Singtex is also the very first company to make coffee grounds into yarns. The compnay has worked with many global fashion brands including atagonia, North Face, Timberland, REI, Adidas, American Eagle, and Victoria’s Secret.


What makes coffee yarn so special?


Coffee yarn is soft, light-weighted, and has a lot of oustanding properties including:


♻️ Good sweat-wicking and fast drying – Fabrics made of coffee yarn are able to absorb the sweat and transfer it to the surface of the fabric. This process is said to be 1,88 times faster comparing to cotton’s. 


♻️  Odor control – coffee has been widely known for its ordor absorbing ability and this proprety still remains in coffee yarn. Garments made from coffee yarn are able to absorb the wearer’s sweat and eliminate the bad smells. This characteristic will still remains even after many washes.


♻️  UV protection – coffee grounds come with numerous microscopic pores, which create a long-lasting natural and chemical-free shield for the yarn and they can reflect UV rays. This helps protecting our skin during outdoor activities, especially in summer days.


♻️  Eco-friendly –  by upcylcing coffee grounds, the coffee grounds are granted new life cycles instead of going directly to the ground. The production process of the coffee yarn is also less energy-consuming and does not use toxic chemicals.


With all of the outstanding benefits mentioned above, coffee yarn is the perfect choice for sportswear, underwear,  or beddings.


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