We believe that sustainable lifestyle is the future of mankind and sustainable garment is one of the keys to this future. Likewise, Bao Lan aims to be the pioneer in this journey, making the price of sustainable textiles to be as accessible for everyone as tradition textiles.

Bao Lan is the first Vietnamese sustainable textiles company and Greenyarn is Bao Lan’s eco-friendly yarn brand. Greenyarn’s purpose is “to provide sustainable eco-friendly yarn at a reasonable price for fabric producers, fashion brands and designers”. Greenyarn focuses on developing, sourcing and distributing eco-friendly yarn to Vietnam market for textile manufacturers.

Our Company History

Our story began with the founder Dave Quach, who has always appreciated the harmony between nature and human. This became his belief after more than 10 years studying and working in New Zealand, where sustainability is being increasingly recognised as being good practice for others. After that, he started Bao Lan textiles in 2011 with the aim of building a sustainable company that fosters growth, brings value and satisfaction to customers while balancing the wellbeing of nature and society.

In the beginning, due to the market’s low demand and high production costs, Bao Lan struggled to keep focusing on sustainable textiles. In 2012, we reorganized and started Greenyarn in order to focus on developing, sourcing and wholesaling eco-friendly yarns to factories in Vietnam. During that period of time, we only had Mélange yarn and Recycle poly.

In 2014 and 2015, Greenyarn started introducing new yarns with different spinning techniques which can give better product external outcomes. Those types of yarn are: Space dye, Siro yarn, Colour mélange...We were the first Vietnamese company to bring those yarns to Vietnam market.

From 2016 to 2017, we tried a new approach by introducing “Gý19” with the aim to embrace Vietnam culture and heritages. Gý19 is a collection of 19 Mélange colour yarns, pre-made for easy access and reasonable prices, was inspired by Vietnam culture, sceneries and heritages.

In 2018, Greenyarn restructured one more time and implemented five yarn collections called: Organic collection, Cellulose collection, Recycle collection, Fancy collection and Special collection. In 2019, Bao Lan launched W.ELL Fabric to make sustainable fabric available and feasible for everyone. After that, we introduced Bamboo yarn featuring UV resistance of UPF 50+.

Bao Lan, textiles legacy begin
Its start in the summer of 2011 with a goal to build a perfect sustainable textiles business.
Started Greenyarn
Greenyarn brand name was started, its concentrate on supply, sustainable raw material for the textiles industry.
GY19 an introduction to Vietnam culture
We started a new product line for Greenyarn with take an idea form Vietnam culture anh heritage.
Launching of 5 products categories
Bao Lan started to introduce more sustainable yarn and fabric to the market.
W.ELL Fabric well being
Bao Lan introduces W.ELL Fabric (Wearable for Environment Lifestyle Loving fabric) which focuses on making sustainable fabric.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the most reliable Vietnamese textile brands in providing distinctive and big range of eco-friendly yarns.

Our Mission

Bao Lan Textiles aims to make sustainable textiles be as common and welcomed as regular textiles for everyone.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is to operate our business sustainably along with bringing mutual benefits to all stakeholders. Bao Lan prosperity would always go hand in hand with customers’ value and satisfaction as well as bringing benefits to the environment and the society.