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Product Information

Materials: Bamboo/Cotton yarn (50/50, 70/30)
Fabric type: Kniting
Yarn type: Knitting, Weaving
Technology: Top Dyeing

Yarn count

20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Bamboo yarn is the regenerated yarn made from the cellulose extraction of bamboo plants, which is considered an environmentally friendly material according to advanced spinning technology. Although being relatively new to the garments industry of Vietnam, Bamboo yarn has become popular promptly in the global market, thanks to the benefits it brings to users.

Having a long history, the Cotton yarn has been one of the most well-known yarns in the world. Possessing soft and airy properties along with the progressive improvements in quality, Cotton yarn appears in almost every product line in the global market and Vietnamese market. 

So if we combine two types of Bamboo fiber and Cotton fiber, what will we have? Let’s learn about Bamboo Cotton yarn together with Greenyarn, the result of a blend of the two most popular yarns today.


Something you should know about Bamboo Cotton yarn

Bamboo yarn is ideal yarn that makes a cool, breathable, naturally antibacterial, and UV resistant ability coming from bamboo plants. Fabrics made from Bamboo yarns are gradually becoming more attractive in the Vietnamese market. On the other hand, Cotton yarn is a widely used yarn for all kinds of needs in Vietnam, outstanding for its high absorbency and durability, having in all its product lines such as ordinary Cotton to Organic Cotton, and Supima Cotton.

Realizing the harmony from the characteristics of Bamboo and Cotton fibers, manufacturers applied advanced technology to create the Bamboo Cotton yarn. Due to the possessions of the former’s properties, Bamboo Cotton yarns are derived from nature, produced sustainably, forming a product with high strength, good moisture absorption and great air permeability, and high application for various products.


If you want to know more about Greenyarn’s Bamboo and Cotton yarns separately, you can refer here:

Production process of Bamboo Cotton yarn

Bamboo Cotton yarn is a combination of Bamboo fiber and Cotton fiber from the spinning stage to ensure the quality of finished products at a standard level:

  1. Selection of input materials: Seeking raw materials from certified sources to ensure product quality, then proceed to purchase bamboo and cotton fibers.
  2. Fiber mixing: Bamboo fiber is well-mixed with Cotton fiber through a series of carding, combing machinery systems to create slivers including clean, parallel fibers preparing for the next stage.
  3. Spinning: The silver is processed through a yarn spinning system, creating Bamboo mixed Cotton yarn with different counts: 20s, 30s, 40s …… depending on the order’s requirements.

Outstanding advantages and application of Bamboo Cotton yarn

Fabric made from Bamboo Cotton yarns is a perfect balance of the properties of these two fibers, creating a fabric that is quick absorbent thanks to the cotton material and breathable through the characteristics of Bamboo fiber, ensuring comfort for the users throughout the day.

Bamboo fiber possesses UV protection properties up to UPF 50+, moreover, having natural antibacterial resistant ability higher than other natural fibers on account of advanced technology. As a result, the fabric from Bamboo Cotton fiber can partly protect users from UV rays, have natural antibacterial resistance, and does not irritate the user’s skin.

By applying the Siro spinning technology to twist two single strands together, the Bamboo Cotton yarn has soft nature, durable yarn structure, limiting pilling when knitted into fabric. Thanks to the additional properties of Cotton yarn, clothes made from Bamboo Cotton yarn keep their form much better than 100% Bamboo fabrics.

In addition, thanks to its natural origin, Bamboo Cotton yarn can be naturally compostable within 1 to 5 years (under conditions of sufficient humidity and other decomposition factors), minimizing the impact on the ecosystem. The yarn production process is also optimized by advanced technology, minimizing the amount of chemicals and water used.


Top Dyeing technology, fiber dyed, helps to enhance color fastness and create various colorful melange-like effects. 


Bamboo Cotton yarn has high applicability due to the blending effect with Cotton fiber and the user-protective abilities from Bamboo fiber. Leading to the general usage in casual wear, sportswear, infant wear, home furnishing or even high-end fashion items, depending on the needs of users, the proportions can be mixed to ensure the quality of finished products.


How to evaluate standard Bamboo Cotton yarn?

The standard Bamboo Cotton yarn must ensure the following factors: the origin of input materials, production process, product durability, dyeing technology, and environmental impacts; and thus, OEKO-TEX certification is necessarily used to test the quality of the yarn.

Where to buy standard Bamboo Cotton yarn?

Greenyarn’s Bamboo Cotton yarn is manufactured and processed with the latest technology, meeting OEKO-TEX standards, committed to the quality of the product for consumers: Completely safe and benign for the user’s skin.

Greenyarn can provide large quantities of Bamboo Cotton yarn and other sustainable yarns to fashion & textile manufacturers. We also have flexible quantities for fashion designers/ fashion brands to help make sustainable materials more accessible for Vietnamese fashion businesses. We hope to contribute to the development of sustainable fashion & textile in Vietnam.

For more information about the product, please contact:

– Hotline: 028-6264-2535
– Email: ask@greenyarn.vn
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Greenyarn.vn

If you want to buy fabrics from Cellulose yarn, please refer to the website of our fabric brand W.ELL Fabric: https://wellfabric.com/collection/small-quantity-organic-cotton-fabric-seller-in-vietnam


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