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Product Information

Composition: Bamboo/cotton, Bamboo/viscose, Bamboo/cvc

Fabric type: Knitting

Yarn type: Greige or custom dye per request

Lead time: 45 days

Yarn Count

20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Using sustainable materials such as sustainable yarns and fabrics has become a trend within the fashion and textiles industry. Consumers are now more environmental and health conscious. In order to provide the best per consumer demand, it is essential for suppliers to catch up with the sustainable movement. Sustainable yarns are more eco-friendly, and are safer for consumer health.

Bamboo has been one of the most popular natural materials in the textiles industry because  it has so many benefits. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the traditional Bamboo yarn now has the special ‘mélange effect’. Let’s find out more about what Mélange Bamboo yarn is!


 What is Mélange Bamboo?

Bamboo is a great sustainable material because the bamboo plant grows very fast and does not need the use of agrochemicals. To make Bamboo yarn, bamboo trees are harvested, cut into chips and are smashed into pulps for yarn spinning. The cellulose compound alongside the ‘bamboo kun’ in bamboo trees create an excellent antibacterial ability for Bamboo fabrics. Garments made from Bamboo yarn are UV-resistant, breathable, and non-irritating for sensitive skin.

Mélange Bamboo is Bamboo yarns that have the “mélange effect”. The word ‘Mélange’ simply means ‘mixture’ in French. In textiles, mélange yarn is understood as the yarn produced by the combination of at least two (dyed) fibers. Mélange Bamboo is the bamboo fibers being dyed in 2 or more colors before the spinning process. Greenyarn’s Mélange Bamboo yarn uses the top dyeing method in which the dyestuff absorbs more onto the fibers’ structure, making the color of the yarn/ fabric turn out more even, more accurate accordingly to the original dye color, and better color fastness.


The production process of Mélange Bamboo

  1. Making Bamboo pulp – Bamboo after being harvested and being cut into small chips are then smashed to create Bamboo pulp. 
  2. Preparing – Cellulose is extracted from bamboo and is then combined with organic compound NMMO to create a viscous liquid for the spinning process to form bamboo fibers.
  3. Dyeing & Spinning – Bamboo fibers are top-dyed with the desired colors. 2 different colored fibers are mixed and spun using the Siro spinning technique to create Mélange Bamboo yarn.

What differentiates this process compared to traditional processes is that the organic compound NMMO used (for our Mélange Bamboo production) will then can be re-used for the next batches up to 97%. It is considered a ‘closed-loop system’.


Outstanding characteristics of Mélange Bamboo

Mélange Bamboo have all the excellent performances of Bamboo yarn, combining with the special mélange effect. It has high UV protection, great insulating, good sweat absorption, antibacterial, deodorant, color fastness, and is biodegradable. Additionally, fabrics made from Mélange Bamboo yarns are even softer comparing to cotton.

Since the fibers of the yarn are already top-dyed, manufacturers will not need to dye the yarn or the fabric afterwards and it is considered more time-efficient. During the top dyeing process, up to 90% of the dyestuff will be absorbed in the fibers so the dye will turn out more true to its original color and the color fastness will be improved. This is also the solution for fabric flaws that are commonly seen using traditional dyeing methods. Moreover, it will be more time-efficient during the manufacturing process while still maintaining the quality of the products.

 To sum up, the advantages are:

  1. Special Mélange affect
  2. Color fastness & evenness
  3. High UV resistance (UPF 50+)
  4. Excellent antibacterial (even after 50 washes)
  5. Breathable
  6. Sweat absorption
  7. Temperature control
  8. Non-irritating
  9. Deodorant
  10. Biodegradable, more eco-friendly


With all the mentioned benefits, Mélange Bamboo is the perfect choice for sportswear, underwear, children clothing, bedding, etc.

Learn more about other types of Bamboo yarn at Greenyarn:


How to evaluate standard Mélange Bamboo yarn?

Standard Mélange Bamboo yarn must ensure the color fastness and the mélange effect on the fabric come out nicely. Besides the appearance of the fabric, quality Mélange Bamboo must also ensure the excellent characteristics of Bamboo, such as high UV protection, sweat wicking, temperature control, antibacterial, and non-irritating to sensitive skin. 

Buy standard Bamboo Melange yarn in Vietnam

Greenyarn provides large quantities of Bamboo Melange yarn and many other yarns to weavers, tailors, fashion designers, or small quantities to individual clients to help these sustainable materials be accessible to everyone, contributing to the development of sustainable fashion in Vietnam.

For more information about the product, please contact:

– Hotline: 028-6264-2535
– Email: ask@greenyarn.vn
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Greenyarn.vn



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