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Product Information

100% cotton – CVC – Poly/cotton
100% cotton bleached
100% cotton bleached with fluorescence
100% viscose – Poly/viscose
Fabric type: Knitting
Dyeing Technique: Top Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing

Yarn Count

NE 10s – 60S (58.3 tex – 9.7 tex)

In the era that prioritizes environmental product consumption, goods made from natural materials become the center of attention. 

Textiles’ properties are extremely diverse, by only a small difference upon process could have invented special yarns, and Grey Melange yarn is among one of those successes. In the marketplace, Grey Melange yarn is also known as heather, ash melange or even pepper melange yarn due to its color effect. Grey Melange yarn is popular for every segment, one of the top choices for contemporary garment production units. But, what is so great about Grey Melange yarn that can fascinate many designers and fashionistas? So let’s find out more about Grey Melange yarn

Something you should know about Grey Melange yarn.

Although it has been famous for a long time in the Vietnamese market, India was the one inventing Grey Melange yarn in 1980. Melange yarn can simply be understood as “a combination of at least two fibers in different colors”. There are 3 basic types of Melange yarn:

1. Blended Melange Yarn: This is a combination of fibers of different colors, the ratio of fibers can be adjusted to create a satisfactory color.

2. Grey Melange Yarn: A combination of two colors of raw and black dyed fibers. Grey color effect varies according to the percentage of two colors mixing.

3. Recycled Melange: Produced from post-consumer plastic bottles, retains the properties of Melange yarn, but is more eco-friendly.

You can refer to other types of Melange yarn here:

+ Blended Melange

+ Recycle Melange


How Grey Melange yarn is made?

Following is a basic process to make Gray Melange yarn:

1. Selection of input materials: Select and purchase raw materials from sources that are certified OEKO-Tex Certification.

2. Fiber Dyeing: The fibers are passed through the fiber dyeing factory to dye the custom color by Top Dyeing technology.

3. Spinning: Dyed fibers are spun from many different spinning technologies, and with different parameters according to the specifications of 20s, 30s, 40s, 45s,… as requested.

Outstanding advantages and application of Grey Melange yarn

1. The surface of fabric is smooth, creating a comfortable feeling when in contact with human skin. Additionally, the spinning process with high compression results in a smooth, strong, durable Melange yarn that improves fabric quality and garment performance.

2. In simplistic color, the grey shades are diverse based on the mixing portion of raw and black fibers, helping the gray cotton melange fabric to be effectively applied for every wearing purposes, especially in high fashion, creating a modern but luxurious classy look.

3. Customers can easily buy Grey Melange yarn at a proper price without a Fabric Dyeing stage and still have the distinctive “hybrid” effect, which is different from ordinary solid color yarns.

4. Top dyeing technology plays an important role in improving the colorfastness of melange yarn. Additionally, having fibers dye before spinning helps save energy and cut down on chemical consumption which is more eco-friendly.

application of Grey Melange yarn

Grey Melange yarn is mainly used for T-shirts, caps, sweaters, underwear, sportswear, socks, bed sheets, curtains, towels. Additionally, in the denim array, melange yarn plays as weft yarn.

ứng dụng sợi melange xám

How to evaluate standard Grey Melange yarn?

The standard Grey Melange yarn must ensure the following factors: the origin of input materials, production process, product durability, dyeing technology, and environmental impacts; and thus, OEKO-TEX certification is necessarily used to test the quality of the yarn. 

vải melange màu xám

Where to buy standard Grey Melange yarn in Vietnam? 

Greenyarn’s Grey Melange yarn is manufactured and processed with the latest technology, meeting OEKO-TEX standards, committed to the quality of the product for consumers: Completely safe and benign for the user’s skin.

Greenyarn can provide large quantities of Grey Melange yarn and other sustainable yarns to fashion & textile manufacturers. We also have flexible quantities for fashion designers/ fashion brands to help make sustainable materials more accessible for Vietnamese fashion businesses. We hope to contribute to the development of sustainable fashion & textile in Vietnam.

For more information about the product, please contact:
– Hotline: 028-6264-2535
– Email: ask@greenyarn.vn
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Greenyarn.vn

Please refer to the website of our fabrics brand WELL Fabric to buy Melange fabrics.

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