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Product Information

Materials: Polyester 100%, Cotton 100%
Fabric type: Woven fabric, Knitted fabric
Dyeing Technique: Top Dyeing, Fiber Dyeing

Yarn Count

30s, 40s, 50s

Sustainability is a leading trend in consumers’ perception, especially in the textile industry. Organic yarns are prioritized, especially some that have the unique color effect that brands can apply in their designs. Amidst those product lines are Space Dye yarn, with a distinctive production process that creates attractive color effects that entice numerous clients.

Let’s discover the attraction of Space Dye yarn with Greenyarn in the following article.

What is Space Dye yarn?

Space Dye yarn is produced from Polyester or Cotton depending on the purpose of use. Different from the normal Polyester/Cotton yarn production process, the Space Dye fibers dyeing segment transmits more than 2 colors throughout the length of the yarn, creating a multi-color effect on the yarn. As a result, the uniqueness of Space Dye yarn is clearly demonstrated in its ability to create arbitrary colors, diverse shades, giving a distinctive look to Space Dye yarn.

Yarn sợi space dye

Production process of Space Dye yarn

Here is a fundamental process to make Space Dye yarn:

1. Selection of input materials: Choose to only buy OEKO-TEX certified raw materials. The fibers are put into the shredding and cleaning machine system to remove organic impurities and irrelevant fibers in cotton fibers.

2. Dyeing fiber: The fibers are processed in the dyeing factory, to dye the custom color by Top Dyeing technology.

3. Spinning: Dyed fibers are spun into yarn from spinning technologies, and with different parameters: 20s, 30s, 40s …… depending on the requirements of the order. During the spinning process, Space Dye horizontal stripe effects will be sprayed into fibers, with various spinning technologies.

Quy trình sản xuất sợi Space Dye

Outstanding advantages and application of Space Dye yarn

1. The fabric from Space Dye fiber absorbs sweat well, increases breathability, and brings comfort to the user.

2. The Space Dye yarn dyeing process allows the dye to penetrate deeply into the yarn, thus creating clear color shades on the yarn. In addition, thanks to that property, fabrics made with Space Dye yarns tend to have a better colorfastness than piece dyed fabrics which are dyed after weaving/knitting.

3. The outstanding Space Dye horizontal stripe effect helps to partially fade wrinkles on clothes.

4. Space Dye’s dyeing technology allows yarns of different colors to be used in the same fabric, thus giving designers the ability to create stripes, horizontals, light and dark color effects on the product’s surface.

Space Dye EN

Space Dye yarn is most commonly used for knitting and splicing products such as blankets, scarves, socks, stockings, and other household items.

SD 4 4x3 1

How to evaluate standard Space Dye yarn?

The standard Space Dye yarn must ensure the following factors: the origin of input materials, production process, product durability, dyeing technology, and environmental impacts; and thus, OEKO-TEX certification is necessarily used to test the quality of the yarn.

Buying standard Space Dye yarn in Vietnam.

Greenyarn’s Space Dye yarn is manufactured and processed with the latest technology, meeting OEKO-TEX standards, committed to the quality of the product for consumers: Completely safe and benign for the user’s skin.

Greenyarn can provide large quantities of Space Dye yarn and other sustainable yarns to fashion & textile manufacturers. We also have flexible quantities for fashion designers/ fashion brands to help make sustainable materials more accessible for Vietnamese fashion businesses. We hope to contribute to the development of sustainable fashion & textile in Vietnam.

Besides Space Dye yarn, Greenyarn also supplies other Fancy yarns such as:  

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