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Composition: Supima Cotton
Fabric type: Weaving, Knitting
Yarn type: Greige or custom dye as request

Yarn Count

32s (50/50), 32s (70/30), 40s (50/50), 40s (70/30), 26s (60/40)

Cotton is the most common yarn in the textiles industry with a lot of advantages, and is used in a variety of products. At the higher segment of Cotton, there is a type called “Supima Cotton”. Supima Cotton is used in high end fashion and in premium beddings.

So, what is Supima Cotton and what makes it so special?


What is Supima Cotton?

Supima Cotton (or Superior Pima Cotton) is a long-staple cotton grown in America. What makes Supima Cotton more “superior” than regular cotton is that the length of the Supima Cotton fiber is especially longer and finer. The length of regular cotton fiber is around 20mm while Supima Cotton’s is at least 34mm. This gives the cotton its premium properties: strength, softness and color retention. Therefore, products made from Supima Cotton is sumptuously soft, less pillings on the fabric surface, is longer lasting, and have better colorfastness. Overall, it is highly recommended for premium products.

Supima Cotton represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. Besides its own special properties, what makes Supima Cotton more premium also lies in the modern & sustainable production process. Continue to read below to find out the secret in the making of Supima Cotton.

Supima cotton us

The production process of Supima Cotton

1. Farming & Harvesting – Supima Cotton is grown & harvested on a sustainable farm using the latest technologies. The cotton plants grown on such farm will be monitored using GPS and satellite technology, which allows growers to keep track of the growth rate of the plants. Satellite and GPS help growers to create a detailed history for each individual field and precisely monitor its current state and needs. 

2. Ginning – Cotton bolls after harvesting are fed into the ginning machine that separates the cotton fibres from the seedpods (the seedpods will then be used to extract cottonseed oil). This process is to remove dirt, stems, leaves and linters from the cotton fibers. Stalk, stems, and leaves are utilized locally as much needed bedding for livestock. 

3. Spinning   Cotton fibers after cleaning will be transferred to a carding machine that separates the fibres. The fibres are then combed by a range of machinery and are spun to form soft textured yarn.

From yarns, it can be weaved or knitted to form Supima Cotton fabrics and then dyed according to the demand.


The outstanding advantages of Supima Cotton yarn

Fabrics made from Supima Cotton yarns bring luxurious feelings to consume due to its extra softness, its breathability, and is especially more smooth on the surface (no puzzing or pilling). Supima fibers also create extraordinarily resilient products due to their extra length. The longer fiber resists pulling, breaking and tearing, resulting in finished products being incredibly resilient and able to keep their form for a longer-lasting life.

Moreover, Supima Cotton also absorbs dyestuff very well so its finished products usually have better color fastness. Therefore, the life cycle of the products are somewhat longer than regular products.

Supima Cotton EN

With such premium & organic properties, Supima Cotton is very suitable for high-end products and especially is safe for baby skin. Supima Cotton is used in a varity of products such as fashion garments, children clothes, premium bedding, etc. Supima Cotton is even said to be comparable to premium cashmere.

In order to maintain such premium products for a longer time, it is essentials to follow some recommended care instructions as follow:

1. Wash in regular temperature, which is below 60 °C

2. Avoid strong detergent

3. Despite the fact that Supima products are more durable, it is still recommended that it should be separated from other garments and hand-washed (or wash in delicate settings)

sản phẩm vải supima cotton giá rẻ

What is the difference between regular Cotton and Supima Cotton?

Standard Supima Cotton yarn must ensure its extra length (at least 34mm) in order to have the strength needed for its outstanding characteristics. The surface of the Supima fabrics must be sumptuously soft with no fuzzings (or pillings). It must also have better color retention and color fastness compared to the regular Cotton fabrics.

Where to buy standard Supima Cotton yarn?

Greenyarn provides large quantities of Supima Cotton yarn and many other yarns to weavers, tailors, fashion designers, or small quantities to individual clients to help these sustainable materials be accessible to everyone, contributing to the development of sustainable fashion in Vietnam.


For more information about the product, please contact:

– Hotline: 028-6264-2535
– Email: ask@greenyarn.vn
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Greenyarn.vn

Please refer to the website of our fabrics brand WELL FABRIC to buy Supima cotton fabric.

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