Why choosing Greenyarn’s Bamboo fabric using siro spinning technology

At Greenyarn, we provide Bamboo yarns made from natural Bamboo pulps using the closed-loop system (which re-use up to 99% of the NMMO chemicals used during the spinning process). The closed-loop system is considered more eco-friendly as fewer chemicals will go to the water streams. Moreover, the process is not harmful to the factory workers and is also safe for consumer use. Besides the eco-friendliness of this system, the performance of the yarns is also enhanced. The fabrics made from Greeyarn’s Bamboo are stronger, more well-structured more durable.


The bamboo plant itself has so many special characteristics, one of them being UV-resistant ability. Garments made from Greenyarn’s Bamboo yarn are able to protect the wearer from UV rays with its high UPF (UPF 50+). This amazing property will still remain even after many washes.

In addition, what makes Greenyarn’s Bamboo yarn special lies in the Siro spinning technology. The technology maintains two separate strands of fibers during the spinning process and allows a number of fibre-binding mechanisms to operate before the strands are twisted about each other. This helps increase the strength of the yarn, making the finished products more durable.


Overall, if you are looking for a fabric that has high UV protection and is durable over time, Greenyarn’s Bamboo yarn will be a perfect choice.



To learn more about Greenyarn’s Bamboo yarn, please refer to this article: [Bamboo yarn]

W.ELL Fabric – a sister company of Greenyarn provides large quantities of Bamboo fabric and many other sustainable fabrics for tailors, fashion designers, or small quantities to individual clients to help these sustainable materials be accessible to everyone, contributing to the development of sustainable fashion in Vietnam.


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