We believe that a sustainable lifestyle is the way of life for a prolonged future of mankind, and only when sustainable products can be feasible and as easy access as tradition products then the sustainable lifestyle can come true. At Bao Lan Texiles our purpose is “to make sustainable textiles become price reasonable and easy accessible to sustainable fashion brand and designer Everyone.” So that sustainable fashion can be as desirable and accessible as traditional fashion to the general consumer.

Our Company History

Bao lan co., ltd is Viet Nam first sustainable textiles company. We have two division, first is Greenyarn division it focused to developing, sourcing and distributing sustainable yarns to very textiles company in Viet Nam, than there Wellfabric with aimed to make sustainable fabric from Greenyarn feasible and available to everyone around the world.

Our company story started in 2011 with our founder whom value the harmony of nature and society. He aimed to build a sustainable company that foster growth, bring value and satisfaction to customer while balancing the wellbeing of nature ad society. He has focused due to he had more than 10 years study and work in New Zealand.

In the beginning we were struggle to keep our focused sustainable products as there were no demand in the market and price too high. Than in 2012 we restructure our company and plan by starting Greenyarn division with focused in sustainable, our first products were Mélange yarn and recycle poly.

In 2014 and 2015 we try to introduce new yarns that used different method of spinning that have nice appearance. We introduce space dye, siro yarn, color mélange, etc. We try to stay close to the market and keep our focused in sustainable development. Than in 2016 - 2017 try a new approach by introducing “Gý19 collection”. Gý19 collection have 19 Mélange color yarns that is pre-made and inspire by Viet Nam sceneries and heritages.

In 2018, Bao Lan see a growth in demand for more sustainable yarn and expanse our sustainable yarns, implemented the five yarn collections. They are Organic collection, Cellulose collection, Recycle collection, Fancy collection and Special collection. IN 2019, Bao Lan launched Wellfabric to make sustainable fabric available and feasible to everyone. Well fabric is similar to Greenyarn that it used Greenyarn yarn to produce fabrics, we develop our fabrics and commission out bulk production and finishing. Our competitive advantage is in developing new fabric and using different finishing technique. We can produce organic fabric with organic dye and UV protected fabric without using UV chemical, Recycle fabric with different functional for the user, etc.

Bao Lan, textiles legacy begin
Its start in the summer of 2011 with a goal to build a perfect sustainable textiles business
Started Greenyarn.
Greenyarn brand name was started, its concentrate on supply, sustainable raw material for the textiles industry.
GY19 an introduction to Vietnam culture
We started a new product line for Greenyarn with take an idea form Vietnam culture anh heritage.
Launching of 5 products categories
Bao Lan started to introduce more sustainable yarn and fabric to the market
W.ELL Fabric well being
Bao Lan introduce W.ELL Fabric (Wearable for Environment lifestyle loving fabric) with take sustainable fabric

Our Vision

Becoming the most reliable symbol in Vietnam textile industry in providing distinctive and eco-friendly yarns and fabrics.

Our Mission

We aim at the sustainable development of Bao Lan Textile Ltd. Co., and the environment altogether. Therefore, we put all our efforts to research and develop products that protect the environment and consumer health so as to create a new choice that is "Green choice".

Business Philosophy

With the philosophy of “Mutual benefit", Greenyarn is aiming at bringing great value to our partners and benefit the society whilst not harming the environment.