5 types of yarns
Fancy category includes products that focus on appearance and effects, however not compromising the environmental impact. These products include gray melange, color melange, space dye, yarn twist AB, supima cotton, silk, wool, etc,. Most of these products have the same point that is using top dye technology to dy silk before spinning so it is less harmful to the environment.
Cellulose fiber is made by dissolving wood pulp in the solved to get fiber than spun into yarn. With this collection we choose yarn that using the closed loop technique…
Organic category includes completely natural products. Raw materials are planted without using chemical fertilizers, not pesticides to protect the soil and farmer. The production of these fibers minimize the harmful effects on the environment and labor. In addition, organic yarn is also very beneficial for user’s skin and health. Organic products provide by Greenyarn include organic cotton, organic hemp, organic silk, organic wool, etc…
Recycle category has the meaning of sustainable development. Resources are limited, and what we have been using is constantly squeezing out resources, harming the environment and creating an imbalance of the ecosystem. Greenyarn is promoting sustainability by providing sustainability by providing recyclable products and products made from renewable materials, such as recycle poly
Special category includes product lines focusing on the features which yarn or fabric can bring to users such as antibacterial, anti-UV, deodorizing, quick drying, anti wrinkle, etc