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Product Information

100% cotton – CVC – Poly/cotton
100% cotton bleached
100% cotton bleached with fluorescence
100% viscose – Poly/viscose

Fabric type: Knitting

Yarn Count

NE 10s – 60S (58.3 tex – 9.7 tex)

Young consumers nowadays are more environmentally conscious and they are more likely to prefer colorful garments to express their personalities. In order to fulfill such needs, AB Siro yarn is born to offer quality in both functionality and appearance. So, what is AB Siro yarn and what makes this yarn so special? Continue to read to find out!


What is AB Siro yarn?

The technology in the textiles industry has never stopped developing. There are more and more modern yarns being created, upgrading the traditional yarns to a new level, especially in the structures of the yarns.

AB Siro yarn can be understood as false two-fold yarn which includes 2 separated parallel rovings during the spinning process and then they are about to be twisted together, as a result, improving yarn’s characteristics. AB Siro yarn can be a combined yarn made from 2 types of materials (material A and material B) with different colors. These two materials are spun together using the Siro spun technology to create a unique textured yarn. There are a few material options that can be chosen to make AB Siro yarn, such as:

  1. Fiber A and fiber B are from the same material; for example, cotton. The ‘AB Siro’ texture is created by spinning the different colored fibers together using the Siro spinning technology.
  2. Fiber A and fiber B are from different materials; for example, cotton and polyester. Depending on the manufacturer’s demand, fibers can be dyed in advance or after the spinning process.

With the Siro spinning technology, a special spin-twisted yarn can be produced directly on the ring-spinning machine. Yarns that are Siro spun are better structured and have better elasticity. Siro spun yarns also have less pilings on the surface of the fabric comparing to the traditional ring spun yarns.

siro ab yarn


The production process of AB Siro yarn

AB Siro yarn is created using the Siro spinning technology – the advanced technology that allows 2 separated rovings to be spun together to create 1 single yarn. The Siro spinning technology is said to be a big development in the textiles industry. In this process, once the rovings have passed the front roller of the drafting system, the two strands are twisted producing a twofold-like yarn. 

The AB Siro yarn stands out because of its special ‘effect’, the effect is created using 1 of the 2 methods below:

  1. Dyeing fiber before yarn spinning: this method applied when both rovings have the same materials with the same properties. Dyeing fiber before yarn spinning helps enhance the color fastness of yarn and fabric.
  2. Knitting before dyeing: using the greige AB Srio yarns with 2 different fiber materials, which have a good dye absorption ability. The greige yarns are knitted into a fabric first and then dyed with the desired color. In this process, the 2 different materials with different color absorption abilities will give out the special ‘AB Siro effect’.

At Greenyarn, we provide AB Siro yarns that are mostly made from 100% cotton – a natural and safe material that is commonly used in the textile industry. Carrying the outstanding characteristics of Cotton, AB Siro yarn has a very good moisture-wicking ability and can provide extra comfortability to wearers. Moreover, the production of AB Siro yarn uses less toxic chemicals and fewer wastes are produced to the environment.

sợi AB siro

sợi vải AB siro7-4-3


Outstanding properties of AB Siro yarn

  1. AB Siro yarn has higher mechanical strength and better elongation compared to the conventional ring spun yarn.
  2. Good sweat-wicking and breathable.
  3. Good abrasion resistance, less pilling is likely to happen even after many washing cycles.
  4. With the Siro spun technology, the longevity of the finished products is lengthened, resulting in fewer wastes are end up in the landfill.
  5. Better structured even compared to conventional ring spun yarn. Fabrics made of AB Siro yarns offer a very smooth and soft surface, bringing a very comfortable feeling when touched.


AB Siro yarn is very popular in the high-end fashion & textile segment because of its unique texture and the comfortability that it brings. With the combination of 2 different colored fibers, well-spun together, AB Siro fabrics are the top choice for unique casual wear designs. Besides, AB Siro yarn can also satisfy modern and environmentally conscious consumers.

AB 4 4x3 1

How to evaluate quality AB Siro yarn

Quality AB Siro yarn must allow the finished garments to have a well-textured look, while still ensure the outstanding characteristics of the twofold-Sirospun yarn. With the structure of the two-twisted yarn, the garments should have great durability, a well-structured form, and less hairiness on the surface. The quality AB Siro yarn must also ensure that the finished garments are soft and breathable, bringing good comfortability to the wearer.

Where to buy quality AB Siro yarn in Vietnam?

Greenyarn can provide large quantities of AB Siro yarn and other sustainable yarns to fashion & textile manufacturers. We also have flexible quantities for fashion designers/ fashion brands to help make sustainable materials more accessible for Vietnamese fashion businesses. We hope to contribute to the development of sustainable fashion & textile in Vietnam.

For more information about the product, please contact:

– Hotline: 028-6264-2535
– Email: ask@greenyarn.vn
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Greenyarn.vn

If you want to buy fabrics from AB Siro yarn, please refer to the website of our brand WELL FABRIC: AB Siro fabric

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